The Café with a Caribbean Twist!

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What's on our Caribbean
Hot Table Today:

Todays Menu

Served Tuesday- Friday from 11:30 - 6:30   

Doubles on Saturdays only

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Curry Chicken Roti or Rice 

Served with Curry Chickpea & Potatoes

Jerk Chicken Roti 

Wrapped with Potatoes & Coleslaw 


Veggie Roti 

Wrapped with Curry Chickpea & Potatoes

Puerto Rican Pork Roti 

Roast Pork, wrapped with Potatoes & Coleslaw

Pork Tacos 

Pulled Puerto Rican Pork served on 3 Corn Tortillas and topped with Coleslaw 

Island Mac & Cheese  

Island Mac & Cheese 8.50

Homemade Creamy Mac & Cheese

Patty Sandwich  

Beef Patty opened and filled with coleslaw and your choice of any hot table protein. 


Beef Patty  

*PLEASE NOTE Although our chicken is served boneless, there is a chance of bones in your meal.  


Fresh Made Wraps
& Sandwiches

Yes We Cater!

From dinner night to office meetings or parties, Creative Bean can cater to meet your needs. Take a look at our Catering Menu to order in large quantities. Need Delivery? Let us know!

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